Makino a51nx 4-Axis Horizontal Machining Center - Durability and Reliability

The next level in productivity, accuracy and machine reliability | Makino a51nx

Experience efficient production of ferrous and non-ferrous parts production. Makino’s 4-axis horizontal machining centers are the reliable solution for 4-axis CNC machining. Built on the successful a51 platform, this is a 400mm horizontal machining center.

The a51nx work envelope reaches its full potential with:

Solid casting design. Roller-type linear guides. The 14,000-rpm high-speed, high-power spindle has 240 Nm of torque. One-piece way covers (X and Z). Dual-supported tool-change arm. Key high-performance machining technologies.

Minimise non-cut times with 1G axis acceleration and standard direct-drive motor B-axis. This machine provides the foundation for industry-leading dependability and high-performance machining capability.

14,000-rpm high-speed, high-power spindle:

With 240 Nm of torque,

Ideal for ferrous and non-ferrous part production.

1G axis acceleration and a standard direct-drive motor B-axis minimises non-cut times.

Built by industry leaders in speed, accuracy and precision.

Designed and built for long-term reliability.

Maintains accuracy and productivity for a longer period.

Highest residual value in the industry – up to 20% over 10 years.

Why Choose Makino?

Makino produces the most precise machinery in the industry:

Effective, solid design.

Thorough initial casting.

Superior accuracy of the final build.

Makino builds to the highest quality standards. This includes pre-ship quality testing.

They specialise in engineering and processes. As a Makino machine owner, you will enjoy advanced, superior processing tailored to your requirements.

Experience great cycle times

Refine your cutting and tooling

Minimise scrap

Enhance your process capability; and

Expand your throughput.

Plus superior support and service from Headland when you need it.

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