Makino a61nx 5XR - Hoziontal Machining 5-Axis

5-axis Part Production | Makino a61nx 5XR

Integrate your operations, with Makino. Manufacturers love 5-axis machining. This includes medical, aerospace, prototype and complicated multi-face parts manufacturing. You can improve your productivity and quality when using 5-axis machines.

Experience Makino’s horizontal orientation and integrated workpiece automation in your factory. Horizontal orientation provides ideal chip shedding. You can avoid recutting of chips, particularly in aerospace and medical items. Boost tool life and part surface finishing.

Material-handling challenges can arise when loading parts in a 5-axis horizontal orientation. But with its exclusive work-pallet magazine, this machine removes such challenges.

High-Speed Power Spindle

500mm, 40-taper production horizontal machining center

The 14,000-rpm high-speed, high-power spindle features 303 Nm of torque

For ferrous applications that usually would be on 50 taper machines.


Accuracy and Reliability

Horizontal orientation and integrated workpiece automation

Avoiding recutting of chips, especially in aerospace and medical materials, improves tool life and part surface finish.

IAC optimises the acceleration and deceleration of the often utilised B and Z-axis.

The 5-axis part production capabilities

Ideal solution for manufacturing of rotating cutting tools, aerospace, medical and prototype components.

The work-pallet magazine supports continuous unattended manufacturing of high variety and low volume as well as traditional high-volume parts production.

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