Makino a500z - 5-Axis Horizontal Machining

Reliability, Efficiency and Flexibility

Introducing the new Makino 5-axis a500Z. Experience the industry-leading performance and reliability of Makino’s NX-series 4-axis HMCs. Plus, a factory-assembled, total integration of “Z-type” fourth/fifth axis. This helps very complex part geometry issues, in the least amount of work holding setups.

You can minimise the force path lengths through the spindle and workpiece. The special kinematic positioning provides efficiency. It moves cutting loads and reactive forces into the a500z’s 3-point-levelled bed. Boost metal removal rates and perishable tool life because of the exceptional system rigidity.

The a500Z’s standard 14,000 RPM high power spindle

Offers output capabilities of 49.6 HP (37 kW) peak power, and 223 ft-lbs (303 N-m) peak torque

The optional 20,000 RPM high speed spindle is offered for customers utilizing primarily small diameter tools in high speed machining applications.

Tool changer magazine sizes range from the standard 60 tool capacity ring type unit, all the way up to a 313 tool matrix type magazine.


 Standard with our Fanuc based Pro-6 CNC control

Patented Makino Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.5) high speed machining control system

User-friendly touch screen interface, advanced tool data management

Unparalleled operation ease and system reliability

The 5-axis part production capabilities

Ideal solution for manufacturing of rotating cutting tools, aerospace, medical and prototype components.

The work-pallet magazine supports continuous unattended manufacturing of high variety and low volume as well as traditional high-volume parts production.

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