Nakamura-Tome - Multitasking Machinery and CNC Lathes

Multitasking Machinery and CNC Lathes | Nakamura-Tome

Each Nakamura-Tome lathe and multitasking machine represents handmade assembly and craftsmanship. For unmatched accuracy, it provides full turning and milling power. Experience the fastest cycle time.

The Nakamura-Tome SC300 offers high precision machining, wide cutting area, high rigidity for all axis, automatic positioning for maximum flexibility and supports the workpiece at arbitrary position.

New to the range is the Nakamura-Tome NTRX 300. With a very rigid design, the NTRX 300’s X and Y axis travel ensures a wide machining range.

Y and B axis machining

2-in-1 lathes for high-performance machine processing.

Opposed twin spindle, twin turret construction for precision machining.

High power, high torque milling motors on upper and lower turrets.

X and Y-axis travel ensures a wide machining range.

The X-axis travel 125mm below the spindle centre.

Very Rigid Design.

All units are vertical on the mainframe, for high rigidity.

Easy-to-use design.

Spindle centre is easy to reach:

450mm distance from the machine front.

1100mm height from the floor.

Modular design. Choose from R-spindle type or tailstock type.

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