Nakamura-Tome Super NTJZ - World's Premier Y-axis Lower Turret

Nakamura-Tome Super NTJZ

This Nakamura-Tome machine offers superior multitasking technology suitable for small lot to mass production. It’s an all-in-one machine that combines multiple functions as machine standards. B-axis technology offers a swivelling range of 182 degrees, with milling tools and Y-axis offered as standard equipment. Additionally, there is up to 54 tool stations for turning and 24 stations for milling tools so you can finish every job on the one machine. With a highly rigid turret, accuracy is assured. Turning and milling capabilities are combined in this machine for a superior production system.


40tools Number of stock tool (op.80,120tools)

140mm / 70mm Y-axis on upper and lower slides!

6000min-1 Milling speed (Tool spindle)



7.5/3.7kW Built-in tool spindle motor

Up to 22kW cutting power available for turning shaft-work with synchronized spindles.(Left spindle motor 15/11kW、Right spindle motor 11/7.5kW)


5.5/3.7kW Lower turrets Driven-tool motor

190degree B-axis positioning range (±95degree)

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