Nakamura-Tome Super JX-250 - High Rigidity ATC Type Multi-Tasking Machine

Nakamura-Tome Super JX-250

The Nakamura-Tome JX-250 offers high rigidity ATC type multi-tasking with the world’s shortest tool spindle and Y-axis standard twin turret. This machine features “Smart Cube”  the world’s most compact tool spindle in its class, allowing for a reduction in interference and a larger machining area for various part sizes. This machine is ideal for highly complex parts with a variety of peripheral equipment available such as, bar feeders, gantry loaders, chip conveyors, to provide the complete solution to the end user.

Additionally, the JX-250 is available with the Flex Arm. The Flex Arm enables you to automate even small runs. With the Flex Arm you’ll have the ability to set up multiple workpiece handling as well as chuck jaw replacement. Read more about this feature.



Number of ATC tool stock 80 (op. 40,120)

240° B-axis positioning range (±120°)

Shortened time with opposing 2 spindles, L and R simultaneous machining.

High rigidity horizontal bed with wide, low center of gravity design, vertical column structure.

Flex Arm attachment enables multiple workpiece handling and chuck jaw automation.


6000min-1 Milling speed (Tool spindle)

7.5/3.7kW Built-in tool spindle motor


L/R twin turret with Y axis! (op. L Turret) Supports various machining with Crossover stroke(R:490mm, L:140mm)

Distance between spindles 1,850mm! And in the X-Y plane, it moves □ 250mm from the center of the main spindle.

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