Lagun Bed-Type Machinery
For Versatile Milling Applications

Versatile Milling with Lagun Bed-Type Machines

Bed-type milling machines simply mean the sliding table is mounted onto the bed of the machine and the bed moves longitudinally. The Lagun Bed-Type Milling machines are mainly used in the areas of; machinery and equipment manufacturing, within the energy sector, aerospace, general machining, and within the creation of dies and moulds. Lagun machines are manufactured with superior agility and high productivity in mind.  While the machines are easy to operate, the technology is highly considered, with each application, a solution that is both efficient and accurate is offered.

A range of machine sizes are available to suit most applications; from the BM 2, with a bed size of: 2100 x 1100, BM 3 (3100×1100), BM 4 (4100×1100), BM 5 (5100×110). With each model the bearing guide can adapt to suit production. Additionally, models offering a rotary table are available in the BM3 series.



With many different sized beds offered and the versatile bearing guide and starting positions, the machine is easily adapted to suit its application.

Finish parts with one machine set-up

With it’s intuitive tool changer, these machine can be set-up once to run a complete process.




Machines are highly rigid in design. Each application is considered with machines modified to ensure the designed outcome is achieved.

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