Goratu, One Vision Two Brands

Since 1954, Goratu have specialised in producing quality milling and lathe machinery. Located in the Basque region of Spain, Goratu invest time in research and development of their technology to ensure it is safety certified and innovative in design and accuracy. 

Goratu’s experience, technological innovation and focus on exporting their solutions provides customers worldwide with two leading brands:

  • GEMINIS – the leading brand in state-of-the-art horizontal and multiprocess lathes.
  • LAGUN – the trademark identified with a wide range of possibilities in milling technology.

    • R&D – Goratu allocate > 5% of our turnover to research, development and innovation with more than 20 specialists, i.e., 10% of the workforce, dedicated to R&D
    • Involved in 5 European, national or regional programmes for the design and manufacturing of more efficient and safer machines with an approved budget of €1,711,067
    • Specialists in lathing and milling technology, focused on the development of large and complex machines to machine parts with a higher added value
    • All machines are develop under CE marking, the fundamental indicator of product conformity with European Union legislation
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