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Advatek Gains More Than Just The Grant

11 September

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Joint Directors of Advatek, Gary McBean and Kevin Edmonds’ recent purchase of their Makino F5 machines is a local success story for the Government’s Clean Technology Investment Program.

Located in Bayswater, Victoria, Advatek will receive up to 50% financial support from the Clean Technology Grant for their purchase of two new Makino F5 vertical machining centres from Headland.

Headland recently spoke with Gary McBean, Marketing Director of Advatek. “Our goal was to replace six older, less efficient machines. We decided to purchase the Makino F5 series as they are a very rigid and accurate machine for our complex 3D components for the medical industry, they also met the grant criteria which is great.

“It’s fantastic to gain the support from the Government to expand our capacity with the new Makino machines. With the help from Headland, our application focused on the productivity improvement gained through machining Cochlear’s Titanium ear implant chassis body. The goal is to replace six older machines (average 15 years) with two more efficient machines. This will enable us to be more energy efficient, through use of less energy per part produced. The new machines also have variable speed drives, which significantly reduce power consumption,” Gary said.

Gary McBean

L to R: Mike Symon (MP Member for Deakin ), Gary McBean (Marketing Director of Advatek) Mark Dreyfus (QC MP Federal Member for Isaacs ) Photo: Headland Machinery

“We recently had a congratulatory presentation from local politicians; Mark Dreyfus, QC MP Federal Member for Isaacs; Mike Symon, MP Member for Deakin; Dr Bronwyn Williams, Deputy State Manager, Victoria, Climate Change Section, Victorian State Office; and David Blumenthal, Parliamentary Secretary’s Advisor. Headland were also present with CNC General Manager, Kieran McNamara and CNC Sales Engineer, Jason Theobald and Babette Kopp, Services Marketing Manager, who also attended as she worked closely on the application with Advatek. It was nice to see everyone here, we were all excited to be part of a successful grant application.

“It was nice to meet them all face to face and thank them in person for their support, not only for us, but for the industry in general. It was great to show them all first-hand about what we do. There was also a general consensus from both sides that as competition increases from Asia, manufacturers need to invest in new technology, improve their processes to be more efficient and also look to industries that require high precision machining in stable, if not growing industries in Australia,” Gary also told us.

About Advatek

Advatek is involved in High-Tech precision machining with equipment including horizontal and vertical machining centres with spindle speeds up to 40,000rpm, CNC turning centres with C axis capabilities and A Class 5 clean room processing facility for micro processing. The main industries they manufacture for are defence, aerospace, communications and micro machining for the medical industries (implantable devices).

Advatek have a long and successful partnership with Headland Machinery and Makino. They have recently entered in to a maintenance agreement and enjoy the service and support they receive from Headland.

Jason Theobald at Advatek

Jason Theobald at Advatek where the new Makino F machines will be placed