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Advatek – Spending to Save

16 August

Headland Admin

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Samantha Kloe interviews Kevin Edmonds, Production Manager at Advatek on their investment in two Makino F5 machines.

Nearly eight months ago, Advatek installed two new Makino F5 machines as part of their workforce, replacing six older machines.

“It was nice to get in some new machines that were easy to operate, offer better tool life and a new control panel,” says Kevin.

“One of the great things was that we were awarded the Clean Energy Grant from the Government so it certainly helped when financing the machines.

“The Headland team worked closely with us in terms of managing the whole application for the Clean Energy Grant from start to finish, they asked us for the information that they needed and they collated and submitted it for us. It was great to have someone to mange this for us that were experienced and knew what details to add to get it over the line.

“Currently with the new machines, we are achieving an increase in production of 48.12%* which is based on how long it takes to machine the same part. We have also seen a great reduction in energy consumption.

“When we looked at new machines we only looked at Makino. Our shop consists only of Makino machines, so we didn’t consider anything else.

“We also get great support from the Headland service team. Without a good support team, you have nothing. It’s not like we can sit around and wait for machines to be fixed because we have big orders to fill and deadlines to meet, so we need responsive support. For us, if we need new machinery we always look at the local support first.

“At Advatek we focus primarily on CNC machining, milling and high accuracy work for a few key industries. We purposely maintained the size of our company to give flexibility in turn around time and the type of components manufactured.”

*Statistics calculated on 16/7/2013.