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At Rydalmere see our range of Fabrication and Vertical Storage machinery and our KUKA training cell

19 March

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Location: 23 Muriel Avenue, Rydalmere view google maps

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Ocean Avenger beamline

Ocean Avenger

Ocean Avenger

Fabricators can now automate beam drilling, cutting and marking and increase profit by processing everything in-house. Easy to use computer interfaces (CNC) reduce set up time and improve process times. Plus the Avenger’s clever design delivers compact machines with smaller footprints.

Maxiem 1530 Waterjet

Maxiem 1530 Water Jet Machine

Maxiem 1530 Water Jet Cutting Machine

Turn manufacturing processes previously outsourced into profit centres. Learn about the MAXIEM Waterjet line and how the industry standard abrasive waterjet technology can make a difference to your business and turn it in to a profit centre.


Behringer Saw HBP340A

Behringer HBP-340A

Behringer stock saw ready for immediate delivery.

See the fully automatic bandsaw with dual column downfeed design, large solid cast bow frame and downfeed pressure regulator large diametre cast band wheels.

Hydmech circular and bandsaws

Hyd-Mech Semi-Automatic Scissor Style Band Saw

See why Hydmech are the rock solid bandsaws and circular cold saws.We have a large range in-stock and ready at show special prices.

SOCO 63 Auto Tubebender

Soco 63 Auto Tubebender

Oil tube Master is a dedicated CNC Brake line Bender

Designed for small tubing, especially Bundy Tubes and Hydraulic Lines. With multiple electric axis and a unique design to allow bending the most complex shapes and parts. It offers the most advanced solution ( Pipe Bending,Tube Bending ) and performance in its range.

Agtos Turbine

Shotblasting machines

Shotblasting machines

Shotblasting machines – see why it’s the turbine the makes the difference in your shot blasting processes.

Vertical Storage

Warehouse Racking Alternative

Warehouse alternative by Hanel brings order to your storage demands

Hanel’s carousel vertical storage machines available for demonstrations. Save up to 80% in floor space – store machine parts and tooling in a safe and secure vertical storage machines.

KUKA Robotics Training Cell

KUKA Robotic Training - Sydney

KUKA Robotic Training Cell – Sydney

See how the KUKA Robot training cell is used for hands-on operator training. Training seminars run regularly so your operators will know how to program a KUKA Robot for optimal efficiencies in your production line.

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