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Nakamura-Tome AS-200LMYS Lathe is in our Melbourne Showroom!

28 February

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The Nakamura-Tome AS-200LMYS Lathe is in stock in our Melbourne showroom! 

The Nakamura-Tome AS-200LMYS with twin spindles is in stock and ready for immediate delivery. 

The AS-200LMYS sports three new features to the controller, which increases the machines safety features. The machine will not crash at the slightest collision as other machines do.

The new features to the controller include:

NT Work Navigator

Machining parts with non-round shapes, such as forgings or castings requires the raw part Coordinates to be recognised by the CNC control. The NT Navigator is used to reduce costs without requiring additional options. 

It works by touching the part with an inexpensive probe (mostly round bar mounted on a tool holder) and using the torque control feature of the Servo motor which records required coordinates in the CNC. The NT Navigator is a cost cutting feature in multitasking machines, eliminating the need for positioning fixtures and special clamping devices.

NT Airbag

All Nakamura-Tome machines are equipped with a safety feature called “airbag” (overload detection), reducing the impact force and prevent heavy damage to the machine. 

NT Nurse 2

NT Nurse is software that provides the operator with user-friendly support for operation, programming and production on the machine. Among vital features are phase recognition (a must for multitasking), direct chucking to prevent positioning error during transfer and perfect synchronisation of the left and right-hand spindles. Other features included are the load monitor for detecting tool wear and tool breakage, tool life management and operation condition monitoring.

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