TRUMPF Bending Tools: Application Examples

Introducing application examples “bending” – See for yourself what you can do with a TRUMPF bending tool:

Radius Tools






Forming Tools can be used to easily create radius bends. For example, a U bend is produced via a positive lock between the upper and lower tool. The bending radius (R) is specified by the tool radius (depending on sheet thickness, material type etc.).
Circular bends (e.g. for hand rails) are also easy to make and for larger radii (e.g. for brake jaws), Radius Embossing Tools are used.

Application range:
Up to max. 8 mm sheet thickness (depending on bending radius)


  • Exact product radius
  • High repeatability
  • U / circular bend processing in two steps

How it’s done:









Window Tool with Adapter









This bending tool is used to bend U parts or profiles running off diagonally. Using adapters, you are able increase the leg length in order to bend longer U shapes.
An important advantage here is, that this solution can mostly be done using the TRUMPF standard tooling, which leads to time and $ savings.

Application range:
Up to max. 1,000 mm bending length (depending on profile form)
Up to max. 8 mm sheet thickness (depending on profile form)


  • Cost-effective tool solution
  • Mostly standard tooling used for bending process
  • Extremely flexible application

How it’s done:

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